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Since 2017 we have been part of E.R.I.C. We teach that Early Recognition is Critical, motivating people to discover the benefits of a lifestyle with healthy habits. So far, we have impacted 18,617 people with our teaching method who already have the knowledge that cancer can be defeated if it is recognized early!

Welcome to E.R.I.C. vs Cancer Venezuela

When we started in 2017, with the Speak Up Program we had to create our Venezuelan version and we named it “GIRA HABLA CLARO”, an educational program focused on visiting schools where we teach the common signs and symptoms of cancer to students during physical education class. We also teach the basic fundamentals of the sport of Ultimate Frisbee using the Spirit of the Game philosophy as a tool. This created the need to empower the Physical Education Teacher who is responsible for teaching students about the discovery of an active and healthy lifestyle, we call this “Teach the Teachers.”

To Teach the Teacher, we published the Ultimate Trainers Manual, accompanied by a series of educational videos on how to develop the HABLA CLARO Clinic. We also equip themUltimate Frisbee Kit which contains 25 discs and 8 cones. With this sports material and the Ultimate Frisbee Practice and Teaching Workshop we are generating empowerment tools so that the sport of Ultimate Frisbee is included in the educational curriculum as an alternative sport and has been seen as a motivation tool for achievement.

Since the concept of E.R.I.C. vs CANCER was developed, we focus our energies on the Screen Up! program. We have the need to educate the population and especially women about Breast Self-Examination, for this we created partnerships with Ultimate clubs as MOTHER FLOWERS and TATUY JUNIOR.

They implement breast self-examination in the cities of Maracay and Mérida respectively. We are happy with the results obtained and every day we learn how we can carry the E.R.I.C. message to more communities on a massive scale.

We also tell stories of survivors, we make informative videos in collaboration with health institutions, this can simply help a person when they begin their cancer journey, always with the premise that cancer can be defeated if we recognize it early.

Cancer Burden in Venezuela

It is estimated that one in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer throughout their lives,” Dr. Juan Saavedra, General Manager of the Anticancer Society. Source: Anticancer Society of Venezuela (SAV)

Most of the oncological conditions common in Venezuelan women are occurring at increasingly younger ages, as are deaths, due to the fact that diagnoses are not made in time, which can take up to 20 years off of the patients’ lives.

Breast cancer continues to be the main cause of oncological death in women in Venezuela. It is estimated that female mortality from this disease will be 3,515 people at the end of 2023, with an incidence that would reach 8,691 cases, according to data projected by the SAV.

Given the magnitude of this disease in Venezuela, Dr. Saavedra indicated that “we must continue to promote awareness about prevention, self-care and timely treatment, even from an early age, since most of the oncological conditions common in Venezuelan women are “They are presenting at increasingly younger ages, as are deaths, because diagnoses are not made early.”

About the Venezuela Chapter

Our Mission

To save lives by early recognition of breast cancer.

Our Vision

To prevent and respond to breast cancer by raising awareness towards early recognition being critical in breast cancer management. We foster this through awareness creation, partnerships for patient support and capacity building.

Our Goal

To contribute towards the reduction of breast cancer burden amongst Venezuelan women and girls of reproductive ages by ensuring a knowledgeable population and positive response towards early recognition of the disease.

What We Do

Educate the largest number of communities in Venezuela about breast self-examination and tell stories of cancer survivors, these stories are of great impact and help new patients on their journey to overcome the disease


Empower the Physical Education Teacher in the knowledge of the Sport of Ultimate Frisbee as a tool of values ​​and motivation for achievement.


Sponsorship of sporting, cultural and scientific events, encouraging the discovery of an active lifestyle and healthy habits.


Developing institutional alliances to promote education and information about the importance of Early Recognition is Critical.

Our Team

Juan Julián Peña “JJ”

Team Manager

Eddy González


Estefani Manchego

Maracay Project Coordinator

Marta Rodriguez

Recreator Maracay

Jisley Contreras

Mérida Project Coordinator

Luisana Zambrano


Abril Porras


José Angel Rodriguez

Coach Ultimate

Brayan Acevedo

Coach Ultimate

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