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The E.R.I.C. US Chapter is dedicated to promoting breast health awareness and education across the United States. Our mission is to reach marginalized communities, provide essential training on self-breast exams, and advocate for early detection to improve breast cancer outcomes. Through local events and fundraising efforts, we support our international chapters and work to close the gap in breast cancer education.

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The E.R.I.C. US Chapter plays a crucial role in advancing breast health education nationwide. Founded in response to personal experiences with cancer, our chapter has grown to become a beacon of hope and knowledge. We focus on educating diverse communities about the importance of early detection and breast health maintenance. Our programs are designed to empower individuals with the tools and information they need to take control of their breast health.

In the past decade, E.R.I.C. has reached over 200,000 school-aged children through our innovative school-based model, integrating physical activity with vital health messages. As we continue to grow, our efforts have expanded beyond schools to community centers, local events, and online platforms, ensuring our message reaches those who need it most.

One of our key initiatives is to support marginalized communities within the US, where access to breast health education and resources is often limited. By partnering with local organizations, healthcare providers, and volunteers, we are making strides in closing the education gap and providing much-needed support to those at risk.

Through our dedicated team of volunteers and staff, we organize events to raise funds for our international chapters, fostering a global network of support and solidarity. Our work in the US not only benefits local communities but also contributes to our worldwide mission of reducing breast cancer mortality through early detection and education.

Cancer Burden in The United States

Breast cancer remains a significant public health issue in the United States, particularly in low-income communities where access to healthcare and breast health education is limited. These communities often face higher mortality rates due to late-stage diagnoses and lack of awareness about breast cancer risk factors and early detection methods. Our goal is to address these disparities by providing targeted education and resources, ensuring that every woman, regardless of her socioeconomic status, has the knowledge and tools to detect breast cancer early.

About the United States Chapter

Our Vision

To create a world where early detection of breast cancer is accessible to every woman, ensuring timely intervention and significantly reducing breast cancer mortality rates. We aim to deploy programs and develop and disseminate engaging educational resources to increase the uptake of cancer prevention strategies and early diagnosis of preventable cancers.

Our Mission

To provide comprehensive breast health education and resources globally, empowering individuals in marginalized communities to take proactive steps in managing their breast health. We partner with community organizations and state/municipal agencies to conduct programming in targeted communities, educating them on cancer risk factors, prevention strategies, and evidence-based screening modalities.

Our Goal

To bridge the gap in breast cancer education and resources, ensuring that every woman, regardless of her socioeconomic status, has access to the information and tools necessary for early detection and effective treatment.

What We Do

At the E.R.I.C. US Chapter, we focus on promoting breast health awareness and education across diverse communities. Our programs and initiatives are designed to empower individuals with the knowledge and tools necessary for early cancer detection and prevention. Additionally, we raise funds to support the training of women worldwide in breast health and early detection techniques. 

Local Events to Promote Global Breast Health

We organize events across the US to raise awareness about breast health, provide educational resources, and promote global solidarity in the fight against breast cancer.

Reach Out to Marginalized Communities in the US

We focus on bridging the education gap by reaching out to underserved communities, providing breast health education, and promoting early detection.

Train on Self-Breast Exams and Breast Health Education

Our programs include training on how to perform self-breast exams, understanding breast health, and recognizing risk factors, empowering individuals to take proactive steps in managing their health.

E.R.I.C. Fight Pink Initiative

E.R.I.C. Fight Pink is an athletics initiative aiming to honor breast cancer survivors and educate the public on early detection. Before Fight Pink games, survivors will be recognized on the field, receiving jerseys, E.R.I.C. Promise Bracelets, and flowers. Athletes will wear pink jerseys and E.R.I.C. warm-up shirts, while fans are offered an opportunity to purchase Pink Packs and replica jerseys, with proceeds supporting breast cancer health while fighting cancer worldwide. The initiative encourages public participation, allowing anyone to host their own Fight Pink event by purchasing Pink Packs from the E.R.I.C. website.

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