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Early Recognition
Is Critical

Educating people about the signs and symptoms of breast cancer to ensure early detection, which can save lives.

Our Vision

Deploy programs and develop and disseminate engaging educational resources to increase uptake of cancer prevention strategies and early diagnosis of preventable cancers.

Our Mission

Partner with community organizations and state/municipal agencies to conduct programming in targeted communities that educates them on cancer risk factors, prevention strategies, and evidence-based screening modalities.

Our Program

We utilize a hub & spoke model, where E.R.I.C. provides seed funding and Technical Assistance to support the launch and progression toward sustainability of international chapters, based on ERIC’s Playbook for Global Cancer Control programs, with the ultimate goal of reducing morbidity and mortality from cancer in the communities where we are working.

Our Partner

Go to our Partner, LadyBWell’s website and learn more about self breast examination for early detection of breast cancer.

PROMISE BRACELET: Crafted with care by a team of individuals on the autism spectrum, adds another beautiful element to ERIC’s, in partnership with LadyBWell, ultimate goal of providing low-tech cancer recognition tools. This bracelet is made to assist women in reducing preventable breast cancer deaths. The beads are specifically chosen to show the size of lumps to feel for during a self breast examination #10mmYouWin. 

Our Chapters

E.R.I.C.’s outreach program educates people in Uganda, Venezuela, Colombia, and India about breast cancer. We believe education is vital, which is why we empower people to take charge of their health and make informed choices to reduce the risks and improve overall health outcomes.

Our Team

Kevin Petit-Scantling

Athletic Coordinator

Jamie Bennett

Program Manager

James Yeager

International Director

Lisa Smith


Tomas Valk

Social Media

Early Recognition Is Critical was awarded a grant from The Civic League 2023.