Our program combines identifying early signs of cancer and teaching an introductory class on Ultimate Frisbee to our youth.


The Speak Up Program is our main strategy for getting cancer education, accessibility, and disc skills into communities across the country. Our clinics emphasize learning simple methods to identify early signs of cancer, and how to speak up and take the next steps. After sharing that information, we pair the content by teaching an introductory class on Ultimate Frisbee. Ultimate is a sport that is ruled by speaking for what’s right and the spirit of the game. The skills learned in this sport connect to being a better advocate for our health. By seeking out missions like ours you’ve already taken a huge step toward making a difference. Allow us to meet you the rest of the way.

We have two options for schools that are seeking to implement our program. You can either bring in the ERIC team or host your own clinic using our tried and tested agenda. Depending on your resources and experience, one option or the other may make the most sense.

Review the information below and make the decision yourself. You’ll see that we are completely up front with the content of our clinics. That’s because we are dedicated to educating any community interested in answering the call, as we are.

If you have any questions at all, please reach out to our Speak Up Director, Kevin Pettit-Scantling at



The ERIC team has hosted over 2,000 clinics for youth across the United States since 2014. Part of our initiative as an organization is to teach others how to do the same fulfilling work. Therefore, ERIC offers a one day training course to instruct your team of educators how to host a cancer education and ultimate frisbee clinic.

What to expect:

  • Two hours of content where your instructors will learn the techniques and building blocks to hosting a clinic from an experienced ERIC representative
  • We’ll cover the topic of cancer prevention and how to start the conversation with students.
  • We’ll also provide instruction on the skills you’ll need to know to play Ultimate Frisbee: throwing, catching, receiving, marking, and gameplay.
  • Our team of educators will provide exposure to mini games and good coaching practices exclusive to the game of Ultimate
  • All equipment can be provided by our staff

Scheduling for this service is flexible, as is costs. Please reach out to our Speak Up Director, Kevin Pettit-Scantling, to discuss the details:


Hello Fellow Educators and thank you for your interest!

Running your own clinic is a fun experience for both the student and the instructor. Content includes a 10 minute discussion on cancer education and 30-60 minutes of an introductory ultimate frisbee clinic. Please feel free to modify given any time restraints. The two outcomes we seek with this content is engagement and positive experiences with both subjects. Explore the PDF FOUND HERE and get started!

We understand that your situation, given accessibility to space and equipment, may be limited. We offer a small collection of equipment called ERIC IN A BOX to assist you! Please reach out to our Speak Up Director Kevin Pettit-Scantling if you have any questions or need anything from our team!


Whether you decide to host a clinic or partner with ERIC to run one for you, we find it important to provide instructors with cancer education resources. All of the information can be shared with your regular classes and organizations. Spread the word to Speak Up!

  • Good Mole Bad Mole: The graphic below can be a guide to spotting melanoma.



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