New Testing Recommendations for Colon Cancer

Early Recognition Is Critical and in some fields of cancer, earlier is becoming much more frequent. Colon cancer is treatable early if caught and so many doctors have historically told patients to get screened in their mid-40’s. However, new studies have shown that the timeline to get tested is much sooner. Dr. Michelle Fillion with […]

Breast Cancer – Density Development

Technology and health standards in the cancer field continue to evolve. The Food and Drug administration released new regulations regarding the detection of breast cancer and it’s important that you know about it!  Breast density has been the topic of many conversations between health professionals, and there has finally been a conclusive agreement: Those with […]

Cancer Screenings – A Metrics Study

/*! elementor – v3.11.3 – 07-03-2023 */ .elementor-widget-image{text-align:center}.elementor-widget-image a{display:inline-block}.elementor-widget-image a img[src$=”.svg”]{width:48px}.elementor-widget-image img{vertical-align:middle;display:inline-block} Early Recognition Is Critical. That’s who we are and that’s who we do. Did you know that general guidelines recommend screening for only four types of cancer? Breast, cervical, colorectal, and lung account for 29% of all cancers and about 25% of cancer-related […]

Another Step Toward Early Recognition – KIMS

Along with a healthy lifestyle, early recognition is critical to fighting cancer. Many track the occurrence of cancer through annual health checkups, but in many cases, cancer is detected late and treatment is delayed. In particular, it is difficult for people who are in the medical blind spot to receive regular checkups, so it is […] – Eric Brown Spotlight

Welcome back to the ERIC Blog! This week we’re going to be highlighting our partner, and one of the stellar employees we’ve had the pleasure of working with there. You may remember that we’ve done a write up on Findhelp already on this blog, however since joining forces, we’ve decided we weren’t done highlighting […]

Before You Get A Cancer Screening

At E.R.I.C we encourage our community to regularly schedule checkups with your doctor and to get tested for cancer whenever possible. We think this is so important that we are organizing a Virtual Tour in 2023 that will travel across the United States promoting local cancer screenings and organizations doing good work in our field […]

Advances in Melanoma Research Take Another Step

“It sounds like science fiction. But I really do think that’s the world we’re moving into.” – Jason Luke, director of the Cancer Immunotherapeutics Center at UPMC Hillman Cancer Center in Pittsburgh, speaking about Messenger RNA (mRNA): a type of small molecule that your cells use to make protein. Each piece of mRNA is a […]

LadyBWell – The Breast Health People

E.R.I.C. and LadyBWell join forces to Prevent Cancer WorldwideBy: Carman Kobza Imagine a world without breast cancer. Imagine a world where families stay whole and happy to pursue and fulfill their dreams. Imagine our mothers, grandmothers, sisters, daughters and other dear loved ones never having to get THAT call or hear THOSE words… “you have […]

ERIC in Uganda!

ERIC’s mission is to save lives through early recognition. In June of 2022 The Paul McBeth Foundation offered ERIC the chance to join them in Uganda as they built the community of Katosi a disc golf course.  Initially, the plan had been to run a single educational event. However the team knew this project’s potential […]


Earlier this year the ERIC team attended SHAPE, The National Convention & Expo for the leading professional development opportunity for health and physical education professionals — from preK–12 educators who teach our country’s youth about the benefits of living a healthy, physically active lifestyle, to university professors who conduct much-needed research and teach the industry’s […]

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