Early Recognition Is Critical and in some fields of cancer, earlier is becoming much more frequent. Colon cancer is treatable early if caught and so many doctors have historically told patients to get screened in their mid-40’s. However, new studies have shown that the timeline to get tested is much sooner. Dr. Michelle Fillion with Novant Health says they are trying to get more patients caught up with their preventative screenings. 

When asked what age people should look into screenings, Doctor Fillion recommends late 20’s and early 30’s. She also recommends paying attention to your family history as this could indicate a predisposition to contracting colon cancer. Talk to your personal doctor to know what’s best for you.The questions you may ask are:

  • When to begin screening?

  • Which test is right for you?

  • How often to get tested?

The ERIC Virtual Tour continues to expand across the country. We are in Las Vegas this month highlighting all the good work in that area. Check us out on social media or head over to our screen up page on our website. Utilize our partnership with to find cancer resources near you!

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