E.R.I.C. and LadyBWell join forces to Prevent Cancer Worldwide
By: Carman Kobza

Imagine a world without breast cancer. Imagine a world where families stay whole and happy to pursue and fulfill their dreams. Imagine our mothers, grandmothers, sisters, daughters and other dear loved ones never having to get THAT call or hear THOSE words… “you have breast cancer.”

Breast cancer is the number one women’s cancer in the world today and is rapidly increasing, especially in younger ages. One in eight women will receive this diagnosis, and in developing countries breast cancer is most often fatal. These facts continue to exist despite needless breast cancer being 99% preventable when detected early. And, despite the fact that knowing your body, practicing easy self-help techniques and Speaking Up can in itself prevent most cancers from reaching a fatal stage.

How can we do more? How can we do better? Thoughts and prayers for those effected and the personal relief of “glad it’s not me/us (this time)” only go so far. Here is what we decided to do.

LadyBWell originated in India seven years ago. Our goal was to bring a new, welcoming and innovative education and breast screening model to the world. We succeeded in inviting and educating over 100,000 ladies and performing professional digital breast exams on well over 10,000. Many lives were saved. Life skills were learned.

When the founder of the highly acclaimed non-profit E.R.I.C. (Early Recognition Is Critical) reached out to LadyBWell earlier this year, it was immediately evident of a perfect fit of team energy, leadership and world improving, life-saving missions.

With our combined resources, talents and passion, we aim to expand early recognition and breast cancer prevention efforts to more and more countries around the world, save more lives, and preserve more family happiness and dreams.

E.R.I.C. meets LadyBWell and together we are doing more for you. Join us. Connect with us on our website here. 


Carman Kobza was kind enough to provide some exciting answers to ERIC’s questionaire. Find out what he said below!


(1) What fictional character do you wish existed in real life?



A: Would be cool to hang out with Buck Rogers and The Pink Panther



(2) What advice would you give yourself five years ago? 



A: Even though at times it may not be clear how (or if) the dots will align in the future…keep doing the right things, the right way, with the right people, and for the right reasons… if you are staying true to yourself and loved ones, have no fear in the outcome



(3) Given the opportunity to live anywhere in the world, where would you choose?



 A: A small, beautiful island in southern Croatia 



(4) What’s an old wives tale, myth, or motto that you’ve never forgotten?



  A: Happy parents = happy children



(5) What do you hope comes to pass in a hundred years?         



A: “Cancer is cured” (in our lifetime)


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