At E.R.I.C we encourage our community to regularly schedule checkups with your doctor and to get tested for cancer whenever possible. We think this is so important that we are organizing a Virtual Tour in 2023 that will travel across the United States promoting local cancer screenings and organizations doing good work in our field (Follow us on social media for more information about the tour). While we still believe that getting tested is in your best interest, it’s also important that you take the necessary precautions when attending.¬†

A study was released in 2022 detailing the risk vs reward of cancer screenings. It stated that while cancer identification is on the rise in the U.S., so too are there reports of rising complaints with facilities over varying categories like physical and psychological harm. The study, published in Annals of Internal Medicine, found that some organization’s screening guidelines did not encourage practitioners to obtain adequate evidence of a screening before recommending it to a client. These guidelines, and the transparency between practitioners and client, are what Dr. Doria-Rose, contributor to the aforementioned study, have stated must change if improving community health is the goal of each practicing facility.¬†

Here are some helpful things to consider when you schedule your next screening, or your appointment with your regular doctor.

  • When talking with a health care professional about cancer screenings, be sure to ask them what physical risks you’re taking by agreeing to be tested
  • Before scheduling your cancer screening, ask the health care facility about resources for those who test positive; be sure you prepare yourself by planning to be supported
  • Ask your health care professional if there is overwhelming evidence that is suggesting your symptoms could be cancer. If not, ask if there is another way to discern whether a test is necessary

Thinking you may have cancer, or receiving a positive diagnosis can bring a lot of emotional and psychological stress into your life. Be sure to consider these recommendations as you prepare for your next screening, and be on the lookout for the E.R.I.C. Virtual Tour this year where we may come to your town and spread the word of amazing events happening in the area. Take care!

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