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Who We Are

E.R.I.C. was started to encourage youth to be active, aware and prepared, and to talk about sports, their bodies, and the sometimes very scary “C-word,” cancer!

Our stories and experiences may differ but our goal is the same: to inform everyone about the growing epidemic that is cancer. Our team is strong-willed and passionate about working towards a cure and an end to this deadly disease. Meet Team E.R.I.C.

E.R.I.C. is the official charity of the American Ultimate Disc League (AUDL). The AUDL is the first and largest professional ultimate league in the world with over 26 franchises across North America. E.R.I.C. is thrilled to have such strong support from the league and help from the players, who promote the sport and E.R.I.C. in school clinics.

Jim Gerencser

Jim Gerencser


Kimmey Hardesty
Kimmey Hardesty

Director of Operations

Jimmy Mickle
Jimmy Mickel

Youth Coordinator

Jeremy Norden
Jeremy Norden

National Clinic Director

Kali Cheung
Kali Cheung

Education & Program Manager

Emi FitzGerald
Emi FitzGerald

National Huck Cancer Tournament Coordinator

Ben Gabrielson
Ben Gabrielson

Social Media Coordinator

Jeff Taylor, Customer Relations
Patrick van der Valk, Director of Spirit & Business Development
Richard Newman, Director of Merchandise

Board Members

Jim Gerencser, E.R.I.C. Co-Founder and Owner, Nationwide Auto Services, Inc.
Mike Ziemann, President and Chief Financial Officer, Summit Bank
John Conway, Chief Business Development Officer, Cancer Treatment Centers of America
Tom Kennedy, Board Member, Ultimate Peace and Caretaker for Lighthouse Fresnel Lens Assembly
Jeremy Norden, Managing Director, Rising Star Ultimate
Kimmey Hardesty, Tending, Inc., CEO, and Bay Area Disc Association Board Member (San Francisco)
Emi FitzGerald, Director of Client Services, HCK2 Partners
Patrick van der Valk, President, BULA Beach Ultimate

Advisory Council

Cassandra Palo · Aaron Taylor · Beau Kittredge · Elliott Trotter · Jason Caffey · Kurt Gibson · Ranelle Bensch · Rob Lloyd · Stephen Hubbard

Spirit of the Game is what puts Ultimate aside from all other sports.