Today's Leaders for a Cancer-Free Tomorrow

What We Do

How We Execute Our Mission.

One of the biggest connections between cancer awareness and ultimate frisbee is self- advocacy. E.R.I.C. teaches kids they need to speak up in a game if they get fouled, just as they need to speak up, if they notice cancer-related symptoms that we educate them about.

E.R.I.C. runs clinics for kids, where we actively educate them on a lifestyle that makes early recognition more likely.

Harness clinical expertise through the establishment of Clinical Advisory Boards (comprised of Pediatricians, Oncologists, & more).

Teach youth leadership skills including public speaking, negotiation, conflict resolution, event planning, and execution.

Develop age-appropriate content for youth to learn about health, cancer, ultimate frisbee, etc.

Create a network of qualified and certified E.R.I.C. coaches to help support and share the organization’s mission nationally.

Host Ultimate Frisbee Clinics for middle-school aged youth and community-based tournaments.

Procure new partnerships with schools, community groups (such as Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts), and the AUDL Teams (there are presently 3 regional E.R.I.C. coordinators who will be actively calling on schools and organizations).

Utilize educational / promotional videos and other marketing materials to inform/educate schools (administrators, teachers, youth), parents, and caregivers.

Donate ultimate frisbees (“discs”) and 'learn how to play' Clinic Kits to School partners; tee-shirts for coaches and select participants.

Spirit of the Game is what puts Ultimate aside from all other sports.